Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to this Website and Course

Welcome to this website!

 I am the Team Vicar at All Saints church Whitstable and also St Peters Church Whitstable.

This online course is free for you to read and participate in by emailing me at the below email address if you would like to chat. If you are a parishioner and live in Whitstable I would be happy to meet up with you to discuss any question you may have about it.

It is a course which is designed to bring coherent arguments to the arguments in favour of there being a God. We live in a largely sceptical culture now where many people question the existence of God. This course is designed to help seekers find arguments in favour of the existence of God as well as help Christians find arguments to defend their belief in the face of criticism.

It is based on the book "The Case for God" by Peter S Williams. This is now no longer published but can be bought second hand at this link:

Peter S Williams has written several books since which are very much worth reading

Best wishes
Rev Simon Tillotson
The Vicarage
Church Street
Whitstable CT5 1PG

Rev Simon Tillotson


Short biography - Simon was born and grew up in Cambridge. After school he came to faith in Jerusalem on his year off. He then studied English Literature at London University for three years, securing a 2.1 BA Degree,  before working for a year for Simon Hughes MP in the inner city of London dealing with housing and benefit issues. He then felt a call for the ministry and trained for the Church of England ministry at Ridley Hall Cambridge, securing a 2.1 BA Degree at Trinity College, Cambridge as part of this process. He was ordained in 1994. Simon served two curacies, one in Paddock Wood, the second in Ormskirk, before becoming vicar of St Peter and St Paul, Aylesford in 2000 and then Team Vicar at All Saints and St Peter's in the Whitstable Team Ministry in 2007. 
Simon is married with Cathy who looks after the animal collection at the Fenn Bell Inn on the Isle of Grain.